Nucleus Network Digital Activities

I help Nucleus Network to collect prospect leads for various medical studies through planned digital activities. With new studies coming every week, Nucleus Network always needed new graphics assets for their Facebook and Google Ads. I usually will provide the best as possible for each platform by giving some options with animated ads. All the ads that I created for them always perform well they convert usually from 11% to 35%, and help them to get the traffic needed for their studies landing pages.

Creating a fast-loading landing page to accommodate the leads that are coming from Facebook and Google Ads. I usually combine Unbounce and Typeform or WordPress with WPForms to create the landing pages. With new studies coming every week these tools really help me to create the landing page in quick time while still maintaining the page load speed and its captivating design. All the landing pages that I created for their various studies converted well, as high as 25%.

I provided a solution for them to get rid of the old ways of curating the leads coming in (manually curating the data to the spreadsheets), with using Zapier. We have able to cut hours of working with efficiently automate the data coming in from all the landing pages and website to separate spreadsheets according to their studies.