So back in 2015, Chris Pratt annouced that he is looking for a new cover for his facebook page, I was really interested to join and spent the whole night crafting this masterpiece, I was already a fan of his because of his performance on Parks and Recreations so It was kinda easy for me to conveyed the jokes in manipulated images, I just added some awesomeness like explosions and raptors from his recent film at that time Jurassic World, and boom It was done. 

There was already thousands of others submission when I tried to submitted it but I had a gut feeling that mine will get his attention, and it turned out to be true when he shortlisted my design among what he really liked and few days later he announced it as a winner.

That image stayed in his facebook page for almost 2 years and liked by hundred thousands  of his fans which make me very happy.

As a winner I got the opportunity to get personal shoutout for my business at that time and he sent me a lot of his merchs from his recent movies.